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    Why does DBCA 12c Create SYSMAN Account in D/B that does not contain OEM Repository


      A couple of months ago I installed Oracle Database on an AIX7.1 server. I used the DBCA to create an 11gR2 database to hold the repository for OEM 12c. I had the DBCA usean Oracle supplied template that configured the database for use as the home of the OEM repository (EM Small Deployment). I installed OEM 12c on a Windows server and had it create its repository in the SYSMAN schema of the database on the AIX server.


      I used the Console for OEM 12c to install the Oracle Management Agent on the AIX server. It discovered the targets on that server and can manage them all. They were the agent, listener, and repository database.


      Recently I used the Oracle 11gR2 DBCA on the AIX server to create several more databases. None of them will hold an OEM repository. I did notinstruct the DBCA to use Oracle's repository template. I selected template "General Purpost or Transaction Processing". The DBCA created account SYSMAN in each of the new databases. The account is locked.


      What is the sysman account used for in non-repository databases? I checked in one of the new databases and found there are 3554 objects in the sysman schema. In the OEM Grid Control system I am coming from the sysman account exists in only the repository database. Does anyone know of an Oracle document that explains the purpose of the sysman account in non-repository databases?


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