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      Trying to install Oracle 11g XE - can anyone give me a simple answer to why this is happening on windows xp pro (32 bit) machine when I try to Get Started from the desktop.

      Checked services OracleService XE and OracleXETNSListener have both been started however in sqlplus if i connect as sys using my password i get

      'immediate shutdow in progress'

      and cannot abort with

      'shutdown abort'

      because of

      ORA-24324 service handle not initialized

      ORA-01041 internal error hostdef extension doesnt exist.

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          I am replying to this myself in the hope that anyone else who has this problem take notice.

          Do not go off on a wild goose chase changing settings and / or creating spfiles, control files etc

          Ensure that you are installing the download logged on under a windows user account with administrator privileges - It was the cause of all my problems.

          I had reinstalled XP Pro ( 32 bit ) and didnt bother to create a user account and tried to install 11g XE and came across all these issues.

          I did an uninstall, created a windows user account with admin privilege, rebooted and reinstalled the download sucessfully.