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    OBIEE Evaluate - "Essbase error : Repeated dimension in MDX query"




      I'm using OBIEE BP1 on top of Essbase.


      I have a project dimension in Essbase with three levels - Total Project -> Project Class -> Project. I have created a new logical column in OBIEE to query two levels from project dimension, using evaluate function as below:

      Evaluate('%1.Members, %2.Members',  "Oracle Hyperion Planning"."ASOCUBE".""."Planning"."Gen2,Project" ,   "Oracle Hyperion Planning"."ASOCUBE".""."Planning"."Gen4,Project" ).


      The above column when used in analysis, works fine, returning "Total Project" and all the projects. It breaks however when any filter is applied on project dimension with the following error:

      "[nQSError: 96002] Essbase Error: Repeated dimension [Project] in MDX query".


      I donot have any MDX skills and would appreciate if anyone can explain this error and provide any workaround for this. Here's the MDX that fails:



        set [_Project0] as '{[Project].Generations(2).Members, [Project].Generations(4).Members }'



        {} on columns,

        {{[_Project0]}} properties GEN_NUMBER on rows

      from [ASOCUBE.Planning]

      where ([Project].[1000000-Treatment Plant])


      Many Thanks