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    Error connecting eclipse to webcenter sites deployed in remote environment


      We are trying to connect to the Webcenter Sites through Eclipse ( with wcs plug-in installed).

      on the configuration screen after providing values to all the required fields. After which it connect to the remote environment. (Green icon lights up in the dialogbox).

      After clicking on OK button. it doesnot showup a project in Sites Workspace Elements dock window.


      When we try to create new Template or CSElement eclipse fails with following error

      "Error Occured while getting the site information from Webcenter Sites: A message body reader for Java type, class com.farwire.rest.beans.UserBean, and MIME media type, text/html;charset=UTF-8, was not found"


      Userids That we are trying to connect to are member of RestAdmin Group.


      We are not able to find out what could be cause of this error. Please help...


      following information may be useful to resolve this.

      • we are able to connect to webcentes sites through web browser.
      • The remote environment is accessible without proxy server.
      • on the webcenter sites configuration dialog box we are providing the value of Instance field in following  format "host:port/cs" ('cs' is the context root).