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    VDbench for 64bit windows systems


      Hey ,

      Will vdbench 504 support 64bit systems ?


      Right now its kind hating it


      12:54:04.011 File C:\vdbench503\opt\vdbench503\windows\vdbench.dll does not exist.
      12:54:04.012 This may be an OS that a shared library currently
      12:54:04.013 is not available for. You may have to do your own compile.
      12:54:04.014 t: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't load library: C:\vdbench503\opt\vdbench503\windows\vdbench.dll
      12:54:04.016 Loading of shared library C:\vdbench503\opt\vdbench503\windows\vdbench.dll failed.
      12:54:04.017 If the error message relates to 32 vs. 64bit processing
      12:54:04.018 please understand that Vdbench supports 32 and 64-bit Java
      12:54:04.019 for Solaris and Linux only at this time.
      12:54:04.020 There also may be issues related to a cpu type not being
      12:54:04.020 acceptable to Vdbench, e.g. MAC PPC vs. X86
      12:54:04.021 Contact Henk Vandenbergh (Henk.Vandenbergh@oracle.com) for support.
      12:54:04.024 Failure loading shared library
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure loading shared library
              at Vdb.common.failure(common.java:307)
              at Vdb.common.get_shared_lib(common.java:1035)
              at Vdb.Native.<clinit>(Native.java:50)
              at Vdb.common.signal_caller(common.java:724)
              at Vdb.ConnectSlaves.connectToSlaves(ConnectSlaves.java:91)
              at Vdb.Vdbmain.masterRun(Vdbmain.java:744)
              at Vdb.Vdbmain.main(Vdbmain.java:599)