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    cascaded lov items: display of one item based on other item




      I have 2 cascaded lov items.

      Eg: 1st item: objects(like  jobs , chain steps, rules)

      2nd item: list of object selected(entire jobs list, entire chain step list)


      So based on 1st item selected, the list of objects available for that 'object' gets displayed in 2nd item.


      Now my issue is,
      I wanted to have a 3rd item(item name=chain names (which is also cascaded lov)) inbetween above 2 items, which has to be displayed only chain step is selected in 1st item. Else this item should not be displayed at all.

      Because, chain name item will not be applicable to jobs nor rules.



      So, if

      1st item= chain step

      3rd item=list of chain names

      then the,

      2nd item=entire chain step list according to the chain name selected in the 3rd item.



      How can I achieve this??


      Pls help me out..


      Thanks in advance