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    ODBC Data source administrator hanging for 20 seconds


      After installing 32 bit ODAC 11.2 Release 5 and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( our business is reporting slow Excel/VBA code using ODBC.

      The business are querying using a ODBC System DSN. It works but hangs for 20 second when VBA releases the connection.


      I can see that I get the same pause after testing the connection in the "ODBC Data Source administrator"


      1. Open ODBC Data Source administrator

      2. Edit the System DSN

      3. Push "Test Conncetion". Says "Connection succesful". Push OK

      4. Push "OK"


      ODBC Data Source administrator now hangs for 20 seconds.


      I did a clean installation on a Win7 x64 machine using 32 bit ODBC Data Source administrator


      Nothing to find in the eventlog.


      Does anyone know what could be wrong?