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    Apex Listener 2 doesn't support database authentication (DAD) scheme ?


      We use following authentication scheme in all of our Apex app's. Users authenticate using basic database authentication (Oracle user and password). Below is excerpt from Apex doc.


      Am I correct in my understanding that Apex Listener is limited to a fixed user logon per database ?


      From 15.4 Establishing User Identity Through Authentication

      No Authentication (using DAD)

      Database Access Descriptor (DAD) database authentication uses the Oracle database native authentication and user mechanisms to authenticate users using a basic authentication scheme. This authentication scheme gets the user name from the DAD either as the value stored in the DAD configuration or, if the account information is not stored in the DAD configuration, as the user name captured using the basic authentication challenge.

      To use DAD credentials verification:

      • Each application user must have a user account in the Oracle database.
      • You must configure a PL/SQL DAD for basic authentication (without account information).This results in one user name/password challenge for browser session for your application users. The user identity token is then made available in the APP_USER item.