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    Getting duplicates in w_psft_payroll_f_tmp table


      Hi All,


      I am trying to run SDE payroll mappings.SDE_PSFT_Payrollfact session failed due to duplicates in the table.When I looked at source tables I found that w_psft_payroll_f_tmp table as duplicates whch is coming from SDE_PSFT_PayrollFact_Earnings mapping.When I run the source qualifier query from this mapping I am getting like 30000 rows as result but when it is getting loaded into the target table w_psft_payroll_f_tmp table the row count is doubled to 60000.Can anybody tell me how can I approcah to resolve this issue as we didnt make any changes to out of the box mapping .


      Any help would be really appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance!!