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    I can't drag data objects to human task

    Jose Elvir


      I am newbie using SOA, BPM and Jdeveloper.

      I am following a tutorial to learn how to create and implement a process, but I get stuck when I need to create the human tasks.

      When I create the human task, I can't drag data objects to the parameter table.

      I delete and begin the tutorial a several times. And the issue persist.

      I don't know if I miss a step, but I read and implement the tutorial carefully.

      Any advice or someone have a good tutorial for begginers in that Platform.

      Systems Specs:

      Oracle Databse 11g R2


      Jdeveloper 11g


      Thanks in advance

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          Daniel Atwood

          Hi Jose,


          If you're doing this using the Building Your First Process with Oracle BPM 11g tutorial, I'd need more information.


          I doubt that this is the case, but just on the outside chance that it was the result of some procedural mistake you made, I created a short video that steps you through this.


          If you'll export your project and store it on some file sharing site that I can get to, I'll be glad to take a look at it for you.


          You haven't gotten to these steps in the tutorial, yet but after just looking at it I noticed a couple issues you I believe that you'll run into: 

          1. The way it has you changing the role name from "Role" to "Requestor" will not work.  If you follow the instructions, you will not be able to create new instances (nothing will appear in the Applications link).  The reason is that there is a bug so that when you deploy the project after changing the name in Organization to another role, the deployed project keeps the original name (Role in this case) but your role assignment can only be set to the new name (Requestor).  Before you get to that step, make sure that you have added a new Requestor role in the process.
          2. The tutorial was written for and if you're on a release after the feature pack you will see that the data mapping is done completely differently.  Look at the video I have in the link above before doing this step.  While this step in the tutorial will be confusing, you can figure it out if you note the "Input" and "Output" tabs at the top of the Data Associations dialog.  You just need to drag the object on the left (e.g., "hello") over to the object on the right (e.g., "helloObject").


          Hope this helps,


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            Jose Elvir

            Thanks for the reply.

            The problem persist. I create a new project and added a business object with one attribute, after I create a data object based in the business object.

            In the user task I try to create a human task and I can't drag the data objects to the parameter table.

            This issue is in every project I create.

            I don't know if is necessary create the data association  before to create the human task.

            This is the tutorial I am following:

            Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 – A Hands-On Tutorial | Packt Publishing

            This is the export of my project



            If you know some good material for beginners, please let me know


            Thanks in advance