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    Connecting Essbase to FDM


      Hi guys,


      So we currently use FDM to accommodate our HFM close process. That's how the users load. But our essbase users currently do a manual load through the essbase excel add-in. Is there anyway to connect  our existing FDM server to Essbase? Do i simply need to create a new FDM application or do we need erpi/odi or other tools/programs?


      Also, is there anyway to automate FDM loads to HFM/Essbase?


      Version =

      Env = Windows 2008 R2/ SQL db

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          You would not even need to create a new location, there is a separate adapter for Essbase, so realistically you would only need to add the adapter, add locations and assign the locations to the Essbase adapter to load the data.  That's a bit of a simplified version, as the Essbase adapter has some integration options you would want to review in depth.  You may want to check with Oracle for licensing purposes as it may require a separate adapter license for Essbase.


          As far as automating, I'd recommend looking at the forum for some options with the batch loader, or taking a read through Tony's site (fdmguru.com) as he has a few posts on that.




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            Thanks JTF!!


            The batch loader would require the erpi license right?

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              You would need to ask your Oracle rep, I'm not sure.




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                But one last question... we have different essbase cubes and they're formatted to mimic the GL accounts and definitions.


                Would you recommend automated data load through maxl or FDM?

                Would FDM require changing the structure of the already existing cube or can the application be designed around/based off the cube?

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                  Well that's 2 last questions


                  1.) Probably not the answer that you are looking for, but that totally depends on the business requirements. Who's doing the load?  Is it a distributed process or something that would be scheduled?  Is there mapping for other dimensions beyond the account required?  Are you just working on Actual or would this be multi-period?  Any Audit trail requirements? this is something that you would need an expert on both sides to walk through with you.


                  2.) FDM is flexible, and since Essbase can be very unique, FDM can pretty much accommodate most loads.  It would almost always be to model FDM around the Essbase requirements, and not the other way around.


                  As an aside you would need separate locations per cube (Unless you did some custom scripting, you could probably change this) but not applications

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                    Thanks for the input. This is what i'm looking for; i needed someone to bounce ideas of instead of the sales reps.


                    1) In terms of requirements, there's a then, and there's a now. Now I have different applications which require users to load separately for cost centers, entities and even some sales cubes that have separate loads per sales person. But all in all, its collective loading. Its not multi-period because we load by a close process and our essbase isn't audited. I'm just trying to get a way to load one cube (for example a cube that is made up of multiple cost centers) faster and via an Interface. "Then" would be the automaticon of the loads.


                    2) I'm trying to figure out if the users extract the info from the Gls/systems, format it and dump it in a particular location, i could get a method (fdm/,maxl/odi) to pick that up and load it to the different cost centers. Currently we use FDM with HFM to load figures per location.