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    OBIEE newbie question about persistent user analysis


      Greeting Gurus.


      Our  BI team lead has request for his OBIEE report requirement.

      He wants a funtion or procedure to select a set of primary_keys that meet certain criteria & then store this result sets into a table.

      He suggests to use a table function for doing this.

      THe purpose is so the user can later on retrieve this set and use in further analysis



      In hr=8.00am user_A wants to find sets that is male and over 50 yrs old

      In hr=8.30am user_A wants to find sets that is over 100kg

      In hr=9.00am user_A wants to find sets that is shorter than 180cm

      In hr=10.am user_A wants to find sets that is on high-blood pressure medication


      And then in 11am user_A will use all these sets above to do further analysis


      So he suggests to store those sets into a table so user_A can retreive them.

      As we are the DB team not sure if this is to way to approach this but we see if there are lot of users and they can change their mind quite quickly

      We can have a lot of INSERTS/UPDATES/DELETE on our reporting database and we have not seen any requirement using this approach.

      So please enlighten us  if there is a better way to do this or this is a known practice among OBIEE report.