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    How to update a Workspace from export

    Jeff Chirco

      Is it possible to update a workspace from an export file?  We are going to have many remote instances that will all be running apex with the same workspace and applications.   If we make a change to our development instance workspace, what is the best way to roll that out to every remote instance?  Do we have to drop the application and workspace and recreate every time on our remote sites?


      Running Oracle XE 10g on Windows XP with Apex 4.2.2 installed


      Thanks for any help, we are new to using Apex.

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          What kind updates you mean to workspace?


          You can export applications and then import it to another workspace and overwrite existing app.


          Workspace export do not contain applications. It contains only workspace setup, and if I remember correctly also users.




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            Jeff Chirco

            Yeah that is what I mean, updates to setup and users.  We've created an environment where we have 1 development area and then hundreds of remote clients that all run the same workspace/application.  It might not be often that a workspace would need to be updated but if we do need to I would like to know the correct way to do it.