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    IE 10 Changes Layout of Navigation Bar - &^%!


      Apex ver 4.1



      Finding that viewing my applications in IE 10.0.09 changes the way the Navigation Bar looks.

      In IE 9, the bar has icons for URL Links to other applications as well as Logout, with a 'sub text' label under each icon.

      Nice neat row at the top right of the page.


      ::: in the SubTemplate for the NAVIGATION BAR ENTRY in my Page Template for Theme 13- Blue Gray:::

      <a href="#LINK#" class="t13NavLink">

      <img src="#IMAGE#" height="#HEIGHT#" width="#WIDTH#" title="#ALT#" />



      In IE 10, the icons are all jammed into a column 75 pix wide and 5-6 inches down the right side of the page, with the text below each icon.


      Can anyone help with making the page view the same way in both IE 9 and IE 10... from within the application?

      Or is there something we can do at the browser end such as a 'compatibility mode' to make things display the same way?


      Thanks in advance,




      Message was edited by: rdarlin2 Found the setting in IE 10 to allow compatibility to earlier versions - Tools > Compatibility "View Compatibility" allows you to see the sites this setting applies to and to add/remove. Feel free to contribute anything in regards to APEX modifications to handle different browsers...  (I get the same issue in Chrome v27) Rich