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    hammerora equivalent

    Robert Angel



      there is a tool that you can use with Oracle DB to simulate a large number of users transacting, is there anything simular for Essbase?






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          Just Essbase, or via the Planning front-end, or...?


          There's nothing out-of-the-box like that for Essbase, but given that you can load up Essbase with shell scripts (MaxL to submit MDX queries, report scripts, calculations, loads etc) there are a few ways to roll your own.  But I doubt that's telling you anything you didn't know.


          I used - well, John Booth came up with the idea, and did most of the work! - JMeter to create some background load for some testing a while back - that is open-source, and gives you a nice framework to ramp up load, record results, create multi-step tests etc.  But you may not need anything that feature-rich.