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    Pricing information update on search page

    Anup Jha

      We are using ATG with Endeca. since we know that price information is always updated in catalog and it can happen any time.We want to show this updated price in search pages. I was of view that we can use partial update. but since partial update will occur at specific interval so the price sometimes might not be current.



      Please suggest any way by which we can have updated prices for products in search page.

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          Vaibhav R Patil-Oracle

          Typically you would show prices from ATG even if the search results are provide by Endeca. This can be taken care in the front end. you might have pagination in the front end so that ATG will have to calculate prices only for a pageful of results. Getting the prices from ATG at run time will get you most up to date prices.


          The only problem here would that since Endeca might not have latest prices, sorting or filtering will be done on the prices available to Endeca. This should generally be an acceptable scenario to the business.


          If you don't like above then you can do something more complex like getting real time prices for all the search results from ATG within Assembler and then using the real time prices to sort on. you will need right skill sets and abundant time to accomplish this.