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    Obsolete server names in ad_appl_tops


      We upgraded from 11.5.10 to R12.1.3 in April.  At that time, we moved to new apps and database servers.  During a recent patch session I noticed the ad_appl_tops table still contain records for the old servers. The old servers do not appear in fnd_nodes.


      The contents of ad_appl_tops


      --------------- --------- ------------------------------

      *PRESEEDED*     14-JUL-05 *PRESEEDED*

      GLOBAL          26-JUN-06 prod

      eapp            26-JUN-06 prod

      erpproap1       17-MAR-12 prod

      pwrproap1       21-MAR-07 prod

      pwrproap2       26-JUN-06 prod

      r12eapp         18-APR-13 prod

      r12proap1       21-APR-13 prod


      The last two, dated April 2013 are the current servers.


      I can find guidance cleaning fnd_nodes in MOS, but nothing on cleaning up ad_appl_tops.


      How does one clean up this table in a supported way?