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    Forums are behaving fricking terrible since the past 3 days


      It would be nice to know what the heck is going on.

      No performance anymore...

      Communications bug resurrected...

      Updates are way off...

      Logged/Logged out 'twilight zone' has resurrected as well...

      We went through all this a few months ago, didn't we?


      I'm a nice, calm guy, but this is just fricking bad exposure for Oracle.

      And I'm fed up telling everyone that this isn't actually Oracle Software.

      And yes, I know on what scale these forums run on etc., etc., but then just please keep users posted of what the heck is going on!

      And please put the SQL and PL/SQL FAQ somewhere where it catches the eye, since the amount of FAQ questions has considerably grown since the upgrade.

      This is just way too demotivating for both the 'regulars' and the 'newbies'.