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    How do I add an image in Survey Builder?

    Sara Woodhull-Oracle

      I am trying to build a survey in Survey Builder where images are part of the questions and/or the answers.  Any idea how I could do this?  I am an APEX novice.




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          John Snyders-Oracle

          Survey Builder does not have support for images in questions or answers. You cannot put markup in question or answer text.


          You can, however, put markup in section introduction messages. So if a section that introduces a group of questions has an image in it then the questions can refer to the image. Survey Builder will not manage the images for you so they should already be accessible by some URL that the survey questionnaire has access to (meaning if the survey is public the images should not be behind a firewall or require authentication to access).


          Create a section for each image you want to ask questions about. In the introduction message add an image tag. For example a section introduction message could be:


               The next few questions relate to the following image:<br>

               <img src="http://example.com/images/icon00012.png">


          Then add questions to each section about the image.