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    call SQLDeveloper.exe with connection details


      Hi there..


      I am trying to use SQLDeveloper from windows command prompt with DB server IP address, port number and SID.

      i.e .....

      sqldeveloper.exe userid/password@1.23.456.789:1521/sid


      Can some one help me?


      Thank You


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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi Sridhar,


          That is not currently supported, but I see multiple feature requests on the SQL Developer Exchange (sqldeveloper.oracle.com) for command line logon and other actions. For example https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=43135:7:103357436289732::NO:RP,7:P7_ID:8341


          The closest thing to it already implemented would be to use the sdcli command line interface which supports the use of connection names.  The 4.0 release supports command line batch processing in the following areas:


          Available features:

          cart: Database Cart Batch Tasks

          dba: Basic Batch DBA Tasks

          format: SQL Format Task

          migration: Database Migration Tasks

          reports: Basic Batch Reporting Tasks

          unittest: Unit Testing Batch Tasks

          Otherwise, when running sqldeveloper.exe from sqldeveloper\bin you can only pass a sql file name as a parameter.  For example,

          sqldeveloper abc.sql 

          which works if abc.sql is in the sqldeveloper\bin directory.  Or just provide a fully qualified path name for sql file.  It will open in a worksheet with the toolbar and connection selector drop-down list active.



          SQL Developer Team

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            Noted with thanks Gary.