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    Adapter with instances slow performance

      I have a big performance problem with interconnect adapters, when using instances. the processing time inside adapters becomes too high, example Processing Time = 10,735 ms.

      The adapter works fine, then we put another instance and uncomment and changed the following parameters
      agent_reply_message_selector=recipient_list like '%,AS400GN1,%'

      agent_reply_message_selector=recipient_list like '%,AS400GN2,%'

      The aplication name is AS400GN

      The new adapters work fine, i mean, they receive requests and give replies, but the performance drops from 400 ms to 10 seconds.

      The platform is windows 2000 with OAI 9.0.2

      Thanks in advance
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          I am working with Two Adapters for the same application on diferents machines and the only change that I made on Adapter.ini files is

          instance_number=1 for the second adapter

          instance_number=2 for the second adapter

          No more changes

          Try this

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            the only adapter.ini parameter that you should change for attaching multiple instances of an adapter to a spoke is the 'instance_number' parameter, which needs to be unique for each adapter instance.

            Usually you don't have to (and must not) change the agent_reply_subscriber_name and agent_reply_message_selector parameters EXCEPT the adapter needs to process integration points that follow the Request/Reply paradigm.

            So, two questions here:

            1) Does this adapter (or any instance of it) handle Request/Reply integration points?
            2) What adapter type are we talking about? DB, AQ, MQ-Series?



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              Yes. We are using R/R messages, actually all of our messages right now are R/R.
              The adapters involved are AQ ans SDK adapter.

              The problem is easy to see when we monitor the oai_hub_queue and the messages remain there for about ten secs, and as far as I know the adapter part in charge of duequeueing from this queue is the Agent, so the type of adapter wouldn't matter, am I right?
              Thanks for your attention
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                My client is still having this problem, and now has opened a TAR 4245770.999.
                Does any one have a clue?. I still think this is a problem totally related to the interaction Agent-HUB, even when the adapter having problems is a custom SDK adapter.
                Thanks in advance for any answer