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      Honestly, since the forum switched to this new format I found it really confusing to use it and find anything. Maybe I need more time with it but for ad-hoc user like myself it's not really working well.

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          You're not the only one.

          I find it pretty confusing (and frustrating) to see bugs return that were fixed weeks/months ago and not getting any feedback (anymore) from the OTN-Forums Team regarding the Forums' status and future plans.

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            According  to all the posts following the upgrade, you can consider that you're not alone.



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              What are you looking for? Perhaps the following can help you





              To make use of the new forum it really helps to understand following and tracking and how the system deals with notifications. Unfortunately the FAQ are still outdated, mentioning watches, which do no longer exist. Perhaps you find the following useful:




              Beside the general waste of space and user interface, there are more serious issues with the editor, in particular copy and paste and posting of code. It seems there is not a single Jive installation out there where the editor actually works as advertised, and there are many. Some of these issues already exist for years, according to postings in the Jive support forum. Whether or not we will see much improvements in the next update, who knows, but Jive 5 is end of life in Jan 2014 according to Jive support. Maybe OTN staff is already getting ready for the next upgrade and that's why we are not getting any OTN feedback.

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                It now become complete waste of my time. Post some questions yesterday on Apex forum but they are nowhere to be found &^%#$&@^%$

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                  John K.-Oracle

                  Same here. Frustrating.