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    P6 upgrade from 8.2 to 8.3 ????


      Good afternoon.


      I have P6 ver. 8.2 installed and am currently working with a company to make the upgrade to ver. 8.3. Part of the proposed quote to make this upgrade requires uninstalling ver 8.2 and then installing ver 8.3. Is this necessary to make this incremental upgrade? It doesn't seem logical to me to completely uninstall an application in order to make an upgrade. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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          Hi Eddie,


          It depends which component of P6 they are talking about.


          The P6 desktop client could be upgraded (or re-installed).

          The P6 database would always just be upgraded

          The P6 web components (P6 Web, TeamMember and Progress Reporter) are pretty much always uninstalled and re-installed between both major and minor versions (service packs and fixpacks can be applied in-place)

          *From the P6 version numbering of say (the most current) it breaks down into Major Version(8) . Minor Version(3) . Service Pack(1) . Fix Pack(3)