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    FDM mapping based on HFM Account Type


      Basically, we have a need to map a C4 value based on whether the account type in HFM is an ‘Asset’ or ‘Liability’ or ‘Revenue’.  We want to map a value if it is a P&L account, but leave it as ‘none’ if it’s a balance sheet account.  I did investigate populating the ‘tDimAccount’ table in FDM from HFM, and that works fine; but I still see no way for FDM to be able to access that table without writing either an event script or import script and processing row by row; ideally we want to put this into the C4 map if possible.  I did think about using a custom lookup dimension, but then I would need to populate that for every location that needs this (100+) locations, and it would be confusing to the users. 

      Any suggestions???