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    Error while installing EPM components

    Sumit Wadhwa


      I have to install Hyperion Financial Close Management version for the first time on the server and below is the installation and configuration sequence:

      • Install EPM (Foundation Services, Financial Close Management, and FDM required).
      • Run the Repository Creation Utility.
      • Install SOA Suite.
      • Configure SOA Suite.
      • Configure Financial Close Management and FDMEE.
      • Perform post-installation manual configuration tasks
      • Configure Oracle Security Policy for FDMEE

      I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 and database server is MS SQL server 2008.

      I am facing an issue with validation error messages when navigating back to a page.

      Here is the scenario:

      I have downloaded all the necesssary files from edelivery containing EPM System Release part 1 to part 7; EPM release for Oracle HTTP server; EPM system release for client installers; Oracle SOA Suite 11g; Oracle Repository Creation Utility 11g.

      Now I unzip all the files in one folder (FCM) and path is say C:/Hyperion/FCM and brought all the files of "Assemblies" folder in the same path "C:/Hyperion/FCM".

      Also brought JRE folder and installtool.cmd under the same path "C:/Hyperion/FCM".

      Now when I run "installtool.cmd", it runs and checks for all pre-install checks and hangs/stuck at "EPMINS-01102: Running Env Var preinstall checks...."

      Please help in resolving this issue at the earliest as my production environment is on hold due to this.

      Thanks in advance,