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    outline issues in 4ea2


      Something that worked in ea1 and seems to be broke in ea2 (at first I thought maybe what I was doing never worked in ea1 - but went back and it did). I think I see what is happening...


      I have a file for my package spec/body that I work from saved as a .sql file e.g.


      file xy.sql


      create or replace package xy as


      end xy;

      create or replace package body xy as


      end xy;



      If I open this file outline will not show for it. However, if I save it as xy.pls, outline works. Either extension worked in ea1.

      Also, the first line of my file is "set def off" (I have & signs that I don't want to get prompts for) with that line in ea2 outline breaks, with it out (and a .pls extension) I'm good. ea1 was ok with the set def off line. I don't care so much about this one, but the extension will be a pain since all my files are .sql