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    Export list of Hyperion users from Shared Services [EPM11.1.2.2]


      Hi All,


      I used to pull the list of users from Native directories using the query :

      select * from CSS_USERS;


      I looked at the remainder of the tables in Shared Services and couldn't find the "username" of the accounts stored in the external directory. All I could find are the corresponding AD users GUID. eg. msad://OBJECTGUID=\f7\70\aa\c1\fb\0f\61\4e\95\b9\e5\f8\1e\8b\23\43?USER


      Is there an easier way to get a list of the users provisioned within Hyperion?

      As a workaround, I manually pull the users details using LCM; is there a way I could automate this?


      *** UPDATE ***

      - EPM version: