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    Extensibility Pack 3.6 for Agile PLM for Process is now available

    Ron M-Oracle

      Extensibility Pack 3.6 for Agile PLM for Process is now on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud


      We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Agile PLM for Process Extensibility Pack 3.6 as of October 30th, 2013.


      Extensibility Pack 3.6 provides two new technical enablement features:


      Email Extensibility

      Customizing the content of workflow emails in GSM and SCRM without custom code is now easier with the addition of a new set of placeholder variables, conditional variables, and other capabilities. These variables are available by deploying a new set of plugins, which can be configured through the CustomPluginExtensions.xml file.


      Some examples of the new functionality include:

      • Displaying new data in the emails, such as the workflow Comment, Cross Reference numbers, Category/Sub-category/Group, a trade specification’s GTIN, a material specification’s Ingredient Statement, etc.
      • Providing meaningful related specification information in Signature Document emails.
      • Conditionally displaying data, such as only including a material specification’s classification if it is an Approved status.


      User Interface Extensibility

      Clients wishing to customize specific User Interface behavior, such as marking certain fields as read only, or applying formatting to show required fields, will be able to do this using the User Interface Extensions feature. Clients can write simple Javascript code which then gets pulled into the desired user interface pages. The Javascript code can leverage useful new Javascript variables and functions that make it easier to perform user interface manipulation, as well as access specific data from the given item (e.g., the specification’s status, the user’s groups, etc).


      Watch the introductory video on the User Collaboration site for a high level overview.


      More information on these new features can be found in the Extensibility Guide, along with detailed technical documentation.