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    Debugging JNLP security problems


      As we all know, the latest Java update changed the JNLP security around a bit, and I, like many others, am having trouble with it.


      I'm not really here to ask for help with my specific problem, however. It's not the first time I've had trouble with JNLP security, and almost every time, I've only gotten around it with the help of mere guess-work and a fair bit of luck, and I'm still far from sure I've actually solved the problems correctly. The main problem I experience is that the security messages I get from the JNLP client are oriented towards end-users and thus not very helpful at all for tracking down the root cause of the issues. For instance, after this latest update, the JNLP client is just telling me that "The Java security settings have prevented this application from running. You may change this behavior in the Java Control Panel."


      Is there any good way to find out what security problems it is that I'm actually having? "Read the documentation" is of course the easy answer, but the security model seems rather complex and incorporates many parts. Is there some kind of "lint" tool for JNLP out there that can list the problems I'm having? Or is there some way to run the JNLP client in some kind of debug mode?