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    Do not have combo box when create a new activity


      Dear Gentlemen, Please help me to solve this problem.


      1. When I create a new activity on Primavera P6. I click Add button. As a result, a combo box will be appeared, and I put ID Number, Name , click Next, and I can put Role, Click next, I can put Duration and so on....v..v.... Finish. As a consequence I have a nearly COMPLETE ACTIVITY. However, Suddenly , right now When I click Add Button, a Combo Box did NOT appear. As a consequence. I have a INCOMPLETE ACTIVITY on the table . This is very inconvenience to me to update detail for incomplete activities.


      I Hope to hearing ideas to figure out COMBO BOX operation again.


      Thanks so much for help

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          Thank you all. I checked on primavera help and found out the solution :

          Set wizard options

          You can specify whether you want wizards to help you add activities and resources.

          1. Choose Edit, User Preferences.
          2. Click the Assistance tab.
          3. To use the New Resource wizard, mark the Use New Resource Wizard checkbox.
          4. To use the New Activity wizard, mark the Use New Activity Wizard checkbox.