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    Multiple JVMs on the same server




      We have requested a single virtual server from support team. We have also requested to install 4 different JVM (DEV, TST, UAT, PERF) with JBOSS in each of them. I know that Oracle does not support JBOSS, but my questions is a bit different. We have successfully configured first APEX listeners on one of the JVM. When we tried to configure the second APEX listener on the second JVM/JBOSS the prompt for configuration is different. It seems like it tries to reconfigure existsing APEX listener. I have couple of questions


      1. Is it possible to install multiple APEX listeners on the same server

      2. If it is possible can you suggest how

      3. Can we configure one APEX listener for four different databases (four different URLs)? What is the right architecture: 4 separate servers with one JVM and One APEX listener per server; 1 server, 4 JVMs and 1 APEX listener per JVM; or 1 server, 1 JVMs and 4 APEX listener on this JVM?