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    New XML file - Early Adopter v 4

    Chuck Herrick

      Unable to get v 4 Early Adopter to create a new XML file. Only the Cancel button is enabled. Instructions say to select a project or a file in a project in the Navigator. It's not clear which menu option opens a Project Navigator or creates a new Project. I'm sure it's me but how do you get this thing to get started and to create a new XML file or launch the wizard?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi Chuck,


          Using File > New > All, notice that most of the items are greyed out.  This UI is inherited by 4.0 due to re-basing on JDeveloper 12.1 IDE framework, and the XML types (not shown in 3.2) are listed there now.  Not sure if some or all greyed out items will be enabled eventually or just removed.


          Anyway, in the Connections view, specifically under Oracle connection nodes, you will find nodes for XML Schema and XML DB Repository.  Perhaps the New XML Schema item is what you are looking for.




          SQL Developer Team

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            Brian Maher

            The FIle/New  and then xml type is to create an xml file based on an schema definition  (xsd file say).   If you enter such a schema definition on that page you will see the other buttons are available.   To create any xml file use  File/Open and enter the new name,  you will be prompted on whether to create that file or not.