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    ADF Checkboxes layout issue




      I am using JDeveloper


      I am using Radio Check boxes like :


           <af:selectOneRadio label="Test" id="sor21" layout="horizontal"">

              <af:selectItem label="Any" value="" id="si128"/>

              <af:selectItem label="Positive" value="1" id="si110"/>

              <af:selectItem label="Negative" value="0" id="si109"/>

              <af:selectItem label="Unknown" value="99"  id="si4"/>




      The rendered check boxes are too close like shown below :


      0 Any 0 Postive 0 Nagative 0 Unknown


      Is there a way I can have some empty spaces in between them like :


      0 Any              0 Postive              0 Nagative            0 Unknown


      How to do this ?


      Thank you.