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    Editable actionable email




      I have created BPM process that contain a few human task flow.Every single task flow need to be  approved by project manager before proceed to the next step.
      Currently my task flow will sent actionable email to project manager to notify about the task. Project Manager will able to see the form which contain all the data that have been key in by user  and will able to add their own comment when click on "APPROVE" or "REJECT" link in the email. I think this is the default behaviour for Actionable email.


      My question:


      Can we make form that display in actionable email be editable? For example, have drop down list in the email, so that Project Manager will able to update the data without go into  BPM workspace. Right now, all the field inside actionable email  will become readonly eventhough inside the bpm workspace this field is input text.



      Can anyone help me or give any suggestion on how to do this?


      Thanks in advance.