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    Error on Import BQY and Create new BQY after reconfigure to new 11g database


      Hi All,


      I have follow the document (Doc ID 976279.1) to change the database repository from 10g to 11g, with the same objects. Anyhow, processing query will not give any error.


      1. I import the BQY, this is the error:


      Unable to create object.

      Detailed Message: Database Server error: 1000165

      Recommeneded Action: Check the name to make sure it's unique and try again.


      The file name i save is unique in the foler.


      2. I create a new document, Interactive Reporting Document

      Manage to create the query without problem. But when i try to Save to Repository, error:


      Failed to save the BQY document.

      Please check the Filename & Permission.

      Please check the user has CONTENT PUBLISHER Role.

      For BQY Job Output only Save As allowed....


      Note: I'm using admin userid/password


      Please advice how to resolve the problem mentioned above.