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    Performance improvement for af:table

    Sydney H.

      My page consists in a table and button. The button displays a popup containing several tabs with trees inside them that allows the user to filter the data. Clicking OK on the button runs the query and refresh the table. The table is configured as followed


      fetchSize="The number of rows returned by the query"



      value="call a method returning a List<MyLineBean> from managed bean"


      One requirement is to display the table with no scrollbar.


      The first issue is that displaying a table with 1000 rows is slow to render, but also makes the browser slow (Chrome in my case). The corresponding js file is about 11MB. I can understand that processing a 11MB JS file can be slow especially with DOM creation.


      The other issue I noticed is that the speed to display the popup depends on the size of the table. With a 1000 rows table, I click on the button, the first server request is done after 3s. The JS size is about 20KB and network latency is low. Closing the popup with no processing is also slow (~2s). Now if I do the same experiments with a table of 13 rows (180KB of JS), the popup displays and closes instantaneously.


      My priority is to improve the speed of displaying of the popup. Is there any reason why the speed depends on the size of the table?


      ADF 11gR1 + WebCenter Portal