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    coherence C++ error with gcc 4.8.2 and C++11 mode




      I can compile my C++ app fine with gcc 4.8.2 in standard (old C++) mode.


      when I add --std=C++11 to gcc I get the following link error.
      coherence-cpp- undefined reference to _ZN9coherence4util6filter10LikeFilterC1ENS_4lang11TypedHandleIKNS0_14ValueExtractorEEENS3_6String12StringHandleIKS8_EEDsb


      My code is basically just:


              util::ValueExtractor::View vExtractor = util::extractor::IdentityExtractor::getInstance();

              String::View sv(likePattern);

              util::Filter::View vFilter = util::filter::LikeFilter::create(vExtractor, sv);



      Are there known issues with C++ 11 or am I doing something incorrect ?