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    JDeveloper: jdevstudio11.1.1.7, edk, and em plug-in


      Hello everyone,


      Recently I have downloaded jdevstudio11117install.bin and installed it along with for developing Enterprise Manager Plug-in. Installing them both as a non-root user, I created a simple default project (entered only Company Name, Product Name, Product Tag, and Display Name in the Create EM Plugin dialog) . I then right click on the Project name and select Validate Plugin Distribution. After it is successfully run to completion, I right click the project name again but select Create Plugin Archive. When it finished, an opar file was created.


      Meanwhile, I have Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c ( running. It is recommended that jdevstudio should be used to develop Enterprise Manager Plug-in.


      I then continued with the following calls using emcli

      1. emcli setup

      2. emcli import_update

      3. emcli deploy_plugin_on_server

      4. emcli deploy_plugin_on_agent

      5. try both emcli add_target and in EM Console: Setup->Add Targets->Add Targets Manually, then select radio buttons: Add Targets Using Guided Process, and Add Targets Declaratively by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties

      The problem for emcli add_target states no such target type error. And for the EM Console alternative, I couldn't find the target type in the combo box. There was a target type list in the plugin.xml, located between <TargetTypeList>. My questions: Is there something I have missed that the target type isn't available or recognized in the step 5.