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    Conditionally  Switch Model Driven Lov In Jdev 12c problem

    Tarek Fathy


      I this the following is a bug in Jdeveloper 12c

      I downloaded the  the demo application "How-to conditionally switch model driven LOV in ADF forms and tables"


      and I open it using Jdeveloper 12c 12.1.2

      1. Click on the SOrdView  view object
      2. Click on the attribute tab and select "PaymentDetail"
      3. Click on List of values tab to see  the two defined LOVs
      4. now try to edit any one of these two LOVs by click on the pencil icon to open the edit LOV window
      5. On the Edit LOV window click on UI Hint to add or remove displayed attributes
      6. You will see that the shuttle list is dimmed . I mean disabled and this is the problem. Why it is disabled


      Is this a bug in Jdeveloper 12c?

      if it is not, how can i remove a displayed attribute from the list


      Please help