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    Using Materialized Views in Edition Based Redfinition(EBR)


      Hi All.


      Greetings to you.


      We are planning to use EBR for our application upgrade. Below are the specifications of our database server:


      1. Database Version: Oracle 11g R2

      2. Host: Windows 2008 Server R2


      All our database objects are adhering to EBR rule of thumb except one i.e. MVs. The Oracle EBR documentation states that it is not possible to edition MVs. We have found a workaround for this problem. Instead of using editioning view name for MV definition, we can make use of underlying base table to create an MV.


      For e.g.:


      Base Table Name: EMP$

      Editioning View: EMP

      MV Definition: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW emp_mv as select * from emp$;


      The above workaround works without any issues. Now my questions are as follows:


      1. Does anybody have an idea of using MVs in EBR enviornment (Production DB)?

      2. Is it ok to use base table name in MV definition?


      Appreciate any help regarding the above topic.