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    Cognos to Essbase


      Hello All,


      We are working on Hyperion we have Hyperion Essbase,Planning,HFM. Our client is new to Hyperion. Client want to migrate from Cognos to Hyperion Essbase. Client expecting the same metadata member names in the dimensions as Cognos no suffix or prefix.

      We need to replicate the Hyperion Essbase as Cognos application. While replicating we are facing some issues like building the application and loading the data for the new application. The Cognos application is having lot of dimensional members with duplicates member names of another dimension.

      1.  While loading the metadata using flat file or sql, if we are having the duplicate members which are case sensitive(Essbase,EssBase), our Hyperion Essbase is considering the first member which is shown in bracket(Essbase) and ignoring the 2nd member(EssBase). If we add manually then both the members are getting added.

      Note: We have enabled the "Allow Duplicate members" while creating the cube.

      2. We have created a sample application using the duplicate members which is validated and saved successfully which is a ASO application.

      Let us consider my application has 4 dimensions(Accounts,Year,Period,Product).

      Here is a sample structure for data loading and the rule file is validated successfully.










      While loading we are getting an error message saying invalid record at Line 2,4 etc.,


      Can you anyone guide us on building these kind of applications.



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          Mister D.


          regarding 1)

          I assume that you have set case-sensitive members to true in the database's outline.

          What happens if you open the metadata flat file in the DLR and then in the field properties replace (yes I know it sounds crazy but worth a trial): Essbase to Essbase and EssBase to EssBase having checked all: case sensitive, match whole word and replace all occurrences?

          Does that work?

          Mr D