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    Essbase Cluster ( on Solaris LDOM




      The question I am mentioning below has been raised by multiple people, but just want to get a more broader picture.


      We are trying to implement Hyperion Essbase ( Active/Passive Clustering in Solaris 10 Update 13.

      The two essbase nodes are actually LDOMs (VMs) on two different physical Oracle SPARC T4-2 servers.


      The storage (luns) is being provided from Pillar SAN storage. There is no NAS storage for Essbase nodes.


      My question here is, how do I provide a shared storage for setting up the Active/Passive clustering ?


      As we don't have any NAS storage we cannot provide the shared point through NFS protocol. The only option now I see is by providing a shared LUN to both the Essbase nodes and then use QFS as a clustering filesystem. Just wanted to know if QFS will work in this solution as OCFS2 works in Linux ?


      Please do let me know your feedback and do you have any better recommendation for implementing the shared filesystem in clustering mode.


      Thanks and Regards