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        From my own experience, Oracle 12c docs is all you need for 1Z0-060 exam. Don't forget any essential chapter.


        Beginning with Oracle 10g, Oracle Database docs contains all the details you can get from OU classroom materials (except exercices).


        You can look at http://oracle-base.com (12c section) for some tutorials and https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:141 (Oracle Database 12c Learning Library).


        I don't remember the last time I have attended a classroom at OU.




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          To add a couple of points ....


          for the past ten years the major Oracle Releases have been ...


          9iR1, 9iR2

          10gR1, 10gR2

          11gR1, 11gR2


          and now we have has 12cR1


          With this pattern there is perhaps strong inclinations not to implement the 'R1 but to wait for 'R2 .... and a couple of patcheset releases as well..


          Incidently 12cR1 seems to be a slightly different approach, with the recently released full patchset adding features over  With the uptake of 12cR1 may begin to gather pace ....



          Anyway for newbie candidate to certify to DBA OCP always remember to carefully checkout the certification requirements ... and consider the training element carefully as that may be a VERY expensive gotcha if you get that wrong.


          The main routes are:

          [1] DBA 11g OCA + 1z0-053 + 11g(or 12g) *authorized training to 11g DBA OCP; then 1z0-060 to 12g DBA OCP

          [2] DBA 11g OCA + 1z0-067 + 12g *authorized training to 12g DBA OCP

          [3] DBA 12g OCA + 1z0-063 + 12g DBA OCP


          * The key point is if you have or can only get 11g *authorized training but not 12g *authorized training then be sure to examine any costs you would need before going route [2] or [3].

          * If you elect for route [2] be aware the 1z0-067 seems to have a lot of topics .. probably coming close to a 1z0-053+1z0-060 rolled into one .... and might be best avoided for that reason.


          *Be sure to understand what is meant by authorized.

          The info is availability by drilling at http://certification.oracle.com

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