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    [40 EA3]: MySQL connections not working any more




      I have found a severe issue with 4.0 EA3: While in EA2, I could connect to a local MySQL database just fine and browse the schemas and tables, this does not work any longer in EA3.


      Whereas in EA2, I saw schemas nodes depicted with a small "person" symbol under the connection node in the connections navigator, I now see folder symbols instead in EA3. Below these, they expand to "LOCAL TEMPORARY", "PROCEDURE", "TABLE", "VIEW" and I see no objects below them. In EA2, schema symbols expanded to "Tabellen", "Views", "Indizes", "Prozeduren", "Funktionen", "Trigger" and I could browse each category and could browse the tables just as one would expect. Locale is German with JDK 1.7.45 Win7 64bit, and I'm accessing a local MySQL 5.6.14 Community edition demo database with Connector J / 5.1.26.