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    How to prevent users from running PRC: Transaction Import from WebADI form?



      We are 12.1.3 and trying to create a workflow to approve Project transactions coming through web ADI before they become effective. To this end, we want to prevent users from running the PRC: Transaction Import from the Web ADI.


      I know that if the checkbox Automatically run transaction import is not checked, the program does not run. But we want to hide this checkbox and not allow the possibility that the program could get triggered.


      To this end, we updated the BNE_INTEGRATORS_B with source='C'. This allows you to edit the integrator from Desktop Integration Manager.



      In the 4th step, where the value for Uploader Parameters is set, we have set boolean value to No. These are the fields on the page:


      Parameter Name: bne:import

      Display Name: Start Transaction Upload

      Data Type: Boolean

      Category: Field

      Default Value: Boolean Flag: No

      Description: start Transaction Import Concurrent Request

      Display Options: Displayed: Unchecked

      Display Options: Enabled: Checked

      Display Options: Required: Checked

      Prompt Left: Automatically submit Transaction import

      Display Type: Check Box

      Maximun Size: 100

      Display Size:100


      Now the checkbox is not appearing for the user to check it, But the program is automatically running when you hit Upload in the WebADI.