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    Using Fingerprint reader with Apex 4.2


      I need help with integrating Fingerprint reader with Apex App 4.2. I want to store the fingerprint data in the database (blob column ) and be able to match the stored data with new scanned data.


      Thank you.

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          Does the product have some sort of API you can tap into?  Since you are trying to run it with a web browser, you are kinda limited unless you can have it work with some sort of java app to handle getting the image from the device and posting it to the database..


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          Tony Miller

          LuvMuffin Software

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            Mike Kutz

            Since a fingerprint can be used to identify a specific person, I am sure there are (or at least should be) some very strict controls over what type of information about that person that you can collect and with whom you can share it. (eg HIPAA)


            If this is for Authentication purpose only, that would be a different story.

            A quick google search suggests that fingerprints can be used for authentication back in v8 (but requires Oracle Identity Manager and some other stuff).


            BTW - If you do a google search, make sure you add BIOMETRIC to your search term.

            Chemical Fingerprints are completely different than human fingerprints.




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              Integrating a biometric device with Web application like Apex application can be tricky.

              Biometric scanners are usually handled by the software operating on OS level.

              Usually Web applications don't have access to hardware elements unless you deploy an applet...

              The only working applet I've ever found was from Griaule Biometric


              Fingerprint SDK | Griaule Biometrics




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                This is for a school project and I would like to use it to store voter information. In order to eliminate duplicate voting, I need to make sure no two identical fingerprints can be stored in the database. The development is being done using Apex 4.2. I am kind of stuck on how to use a fingerprint reader to store the data in the database and subsequently check if a new read from the device can match what is stored..

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                  Mike Kutz

                  user4502647 wrote:

                  .... and subsequently check if a new read from the device can match what is stored..

                  The 'search' is purely a database issue and has nothing to do with APEX.

                  Most likely you will need to acquire (ie build or buy) a Data Cartridge that assists in doing the search.


                  I'm not sure of the existence of 3rd party biometric fingerprint data cartridges.

                  There might be some scientific journal articles that explain the algorithm for matching.



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                    I don't think that you're going to be successful with this.


                    Most scanners enroll the expected fingerprint(s) into the device and then generate an output when they see a fingerprint that matches to one of the enrolled ones - and that output doesn't usually go though a browser (although the HP SimplePass reader and application can be trained to sign into web pages using a fingerprint). Even if you could get the image to your database, it doesn't really help - the 'clever' part of the fingerprint reader is how it determines when a scan 'matches' an enrolled fingerprint as two scans are never exactly the same.


                    It sounds like you'd like your application to just take a given fingerprint and then compare it with a list of fingerprints to see whether a person has used the application before? Even if you could get the scanner to provide the information, there's nothing to stop the user choosing different digits, masking their finger, etc. In effect you're trying to use the scanner to do the opposite of what it's designed to achieve - it wants to output when two scans are similar and you want it to output whenever they're not.

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                      Recx Ltd

                      This will be hard, you will not be able to do it purely through the web browser;


                      Either make an Active X control to install on the client, or write a small client which shares a cookie or similar to upload the data from. Both ways require interfacing with the actual hardware device and sending the data to the back end process.


                      Here is an open source matcher and analyser (with a list of supported hardware). APEX will not help you here, this will be hard work.



                      I would *seriously* consider something like QR codes instead to eliminate 'duplicates'.


                      1. register name and password to 'vote'

                      2. you are sent a unique QR code to your phone/email/normal mail (your vote)

                      3. you present the QR code to the voting process via a camera and vote.

                      4. The QR code cannot be reused.


                      Web QR is a typical example of this, and works, right now. And wouldn't be too hard to integrate with APEX. There are many examples of generating QR codes on the web, including javascript and even APEX if you dig hard enough.


                      Honestly, use QR codes. It will make your project more fun and with a *much higher* chance of success.