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    SQL Developer script not running all lines


      I have a group of scripts that I want to run in sequence from a master script.  I have created a file referencing those scripts as follows below.  My problem is that when I run this script (using either F5 or another script referencing this one), it only runs the first line and stops.  I have ruled out issues with my file references by changing the order - it always runs the first one and stops.  I have tried as displayed below as well as using a semi-colon ; to separate each command.  I have scoured the web and can't find any reason why this isn't working.  Each of the scripts referenced below contains multiple statements separated with a ; that spools a file to a NAS where it is picked up by our external file transfer program.  All of that works correctly - the only thing I'm having issues with is using 1 script to call multiple files and execute them in sequence.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!