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    How to open (popup) a windows folder from a page?




      I´m building an application using Oracle Application Express (version 4.2). I need to open a windows folder (popup) using a button located wihtin a region (Region Type: HTML) . The configuration I used for the button item is:




      Application: 109SCSG_oficial_Fll

      Page: 11 Ficha- Modificar Ficha

      Name: P11_OPEN_XPLORER

      Text Label/Alt: Abrir






      Attributes: Image

      Image: mfopen.gif (it is an picture of a little folder)

      Attributtes: onClick="openFolder('P11_XPLORER');" (where P11_XPLORER is a text field filled from a oracle table with the folder´s path, e.g C:\3219)


      Action when Button is clicked:

      Action: Submit Page

      Excetute Validations: No

      Button Request: openFolder('C:\3219');


      It is not opening any windows folder. I appreciate any information regards how to configure a button item in order to do this.