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    PL/SQL Forms on Apex


      I am trying to transition PL/SQL pages that use forms and complex logic to Apex. I know how to get them to display using PL/SQL Regions, and use dynamic actions to call Javascript code when they are clicked already. But our PL/SQL prints out a form and originally when you hit the "Submit" button it sets a hidden action field to tell the code what the user wants to do (update, search, delete, etc) based on the button they hit and then submits the form.


      But Apex appears to be removing the form when I call the PL/SQL region, does anyone have any advice? I verified that it removes the form through Firebug by the way,

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          Mike Kutz

          I haven't messed with Forms so my suggestion may be totally off.

          But, from the sound of it, I wouldn't try to do a 1:1 translation.

          That is, you need to 'rewrite' the GUI portion using APEX techniques and methodology.


          1st step would be to rework the PL/SQL code and separate out the Display portion from the DML portion.

          ie you should have a separate procedure for Update, Insert, and Delete.... in a nice pl/sql Package.


          For the 'Search', see if a simple Inter Active Report that links to a Details page will work.  (enter SELECT statement, done)

          On the Details page (Form on Table: point to table, done), you will remove the magically created "Automatic DML" process and create a process for each of the above PL/SQL procedures (with a condition of the button you want).


          All of my apps are like this.  (custom pl/sql package for DML activities.)