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    Have You Visited the NEW Procurement Enhancement Request Community?

    Brandy -Oracle

      Have you visited the new Procurement Enhancement Request Community yet? 

      If not, we strongly encourage you to visit this site to vote on current Enhancement Requests (ERs) available within the Community.  Not all historical ERs are currently documented in the community, so if you have an ER that is not listed, simply add it by creating a thread stating the ER and any detailed information you would like to include.


      This community is your one-stop source for all Enhancement information.  It is being monitored and updated regularly by the Procurement Development Team. 

      Know that your vote counts!  By voting, you will bring forward those ERs that impact the Procurement Suite's value and usability.  Is your request industry specific?  Let us know by posting this information in the body of the thread.  We have a team monitoring these ERs and will be happy to highlight industry specific ERs to ensure they also get equal visibility!


      Coming Soon:  A list of the Top implemented ERs!  Development has been working hard to make improvements to the Procurement Suite of Products and they want you to know about them!  Until then, check out the Best Practices Section for some key ERs and how they can help your company secure the most value from your implementation!!


      What you need to know:

      • The Procurement Enhancement Requests Community is your 1-stop shop for the latest information on Enhancements!
      • The Community allows you to vote on ERs bringing visibility to the collective audience interest in value and usability recommendations.
      • Your place to submit any new enhancement requests.
      • Get the latest on top Procurement Enhancement Requests (ERs) - know when an improvement is ACCEPTED, PLANNED, COMING SOON, and DELIVERED.
      • This Community is owned and managed by the Oracle Procurement Development team!


      Let your voice be heard by telling us what you want to see implemented in the Procurement Suite.

      Development will be doing another review of TOP VOTED ERs at the end of November 2013, so get those ERs documented and VOTE!